Which Oral Herpes Treatment Is Most Successful?

Oral herpes is marked by painful blisters that reside on the tongue, roof of the mouth, inside cheeks and gum line, this is from the herpes virus. Some treatments can be mouthwash that has a numbing agent to help with the pain of the herpes in the mouth, or your doctor may recommend that you start an antiviral drug as soon as possible.

The most successful treatment for oral herpes will be one that you remember to take on a daily basis. The antiviral drugs like Valtrex and acyclovir are but a few of the antiviral drugs that are on the market and available for prescription.

What Is Oral Herpes?

Oral HerpesNot to be confused with canker sores, which are sometimes thought to be herpes cold sores, oral herpes is characterized by blisters in the mouth and lips also, it can manifest as painful sores on the tongue, gums, the roof of the mouth, the cheeks and sometimes the lips and face.

It’s caused by the herpes simplex virus (also known as HSV-1) however, it is known to attack more on the inside of the mouth then the cold sore virus of herpes. At the onset of oral herpes, muscle aches and fever can sometimes be the symptoms before there is an outbreak in the mouth, tongue and on the roof of the mouth.

Many times these symptoms will lead a person to go to the doctor and then find out that they are diagnosed with oral herpes. Many people that are diagnosed with oral herpes have no idea how they got it and so are shocked at the diagnosis.

How Important Is It To Find A Cure?

Is very important to find a cure for oral herpes, from adult to adult can infect each other, but a tragic part is that children can be infected by adults who have the oral herpes virus.

Unknowing parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents will give the child a kiss and unknowingly be infecting the child. It may also happen when a child that is infected shares a drink or a slobbery toy with another child that is not infected.

What Oral Herpes Treatment Options Are There?

The oral herpes treatment options are much the same as the cold sore herpes treatment options, there are the over the counter treatments that are applied topically such as ointments or creams to lessen the pain and to shorten the length of the outbreak.

Do Over The Counter Herpes Medications Work?

The OTC herpes medication are applied topically to the site of the outbreak. These have been proven to greatly reduce the length of the outbreak as well as supply a numbing agent to help with the pain.

Most OTC herpes treatments will claim that they help with the herpes outbreak, but it must be remembered that this is a virus that lives inside the body, and the only way to stop the herpes virus is to kill it.

Many over the counter herpes cream and ointments that are advertised as helping with the herpes outbreak may help. However, not all of the products do help and they are cost prohibitive.

The over the counter herpes treatment may claim that it is an antiviral medication, however the only antiviral drug that is strong enough to keep the virus at bay will be the one prescribed by your doctor under a controlled amount.

Is There A Permanent Oral Herpes Cure?

Unfortunately there is no permanent oral herpes cure, however, many of the oral herpes medication may help if used as directed. After your doctor diagnoses you with cold sore herpes virus he may then issue you a cold sore treatment prescription, to be taken daily.

At this point, in scientific research, there is no cure for the herpes virus either simplex one or two. It is now known that this virus lives within the body within a protected area of your DNA. Any medication that is said to have a chance in killing the virus will have to be an internal medication since the virus lives internally.

What Treatment For Oral Herpes Works Best?

When you go looking for oral herpes treatment options that really work, you might come across one that is called The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. This is a unique program in that it can help to eliminate the signs of herpes outbreaks quickly, but it also has the ability to weaken your virus so that you will be less prone to outbreaks in the future. In fact, many people have found that this is a permanent answer to herpes outbreaks.

Is This The Best Oral Herpes Treatment For You?

Instead of just buying treatments for cold sores, now might be the time for you to look at a more permanent, and safer oral herpes treatment that works. Dynamiclear is a treatment that has been able to help a lot of people conquer their symptoms.