Herpes Home Remedies: Do They Work?

Many folks have tried to use home remedies instead of going to the doctor and being embarrassed by asking for help. There are many herpes home remedies, many of which do not help heal the sore or cause a shorter duration. The real reason that home remedies may not work is because Herpes is a virus that is present on the inside and not on the outside.

Home remedies include putting ice on the area or trying to deaden the pain. But to treat herpes on the outside is not going to address the fact that it resides in the fatty tissue inside and near nerves that actually carry the pain.

How Can You Heal Cold Sore Fast?

Herpes home remedies like coconut oil can be helpful in reducing symptoms and speeding healing timeAccording to medical science there is no healing herpes, if you take the prescribed medicine then you may have some control over the duration of the outbreaks or may lessen the outbreaks, but you will still have it for the rest of your life.

This is a very discouraging prognosis, but since the virus hides in the areas of the body that we have little access to, focusing on healing from the inside might be the best course of action.

You really cannot be healing herpes sores fast, no creams or ointments will do much to heal a cold sore but some might help the pain until it goes away. But all of these methods do nothing toward healing and curing the real problem.

Another school of thought will be to apply a more natural way of dealing with herpes outbreaks. Some have thought that colloidal silver may offer a way to confront the virus, since colloidal silver it known for its properties in killing viruses.

Do Herbal Remedies For Cold Sores Work?

Depending on the person and the herbal remedies used it would be on a case by case basis to see how to heal herpes. Herbal remedies that focus on the immune system may help cause less breakouts, but how much is enough to do something for the immune system.

Some have tried herbal remedies in a poultice that is held to the sight of the outbreak, some may have gotten some relief but if it did not focus on the internal problem and only worked on the sore outside it was only a temporary fix.

Can A Herpes Diet Help You?

Some have tried to follow a special diet, excluding known foods that may cause breakouts, and some food grade hydrogen peroxide herpes. Hydrogen peroxide is said to give more oxygen to the system and thereby killing the virus.

While this may be true, an over dose of hydrogen peroxide can have poisonous affects if ingested in the wrong amounts. Silver colloidal is known to provide help in eliminating certain types of viruses.

Some have tried colloidal silver herpes, some have drunk it or applied it to the sores directly. These all could possibly be moving in the right direction, however, the amounts must be controlled so as to not cause serious problems.

Should You Consider Herbal Remedies For Herpes Outbreaks?

Many have thought of trying an herbal remedy or large amounts of vitamins. Some may have slowed the outbreak but may have not targeted the virus in the places it hides in the body.

By understanding our immune system and avoiding the know triggers such as some foods and cutting down on stress may be the best one can do until a cure is found.

Of course there are no telethons to raise money for the cure, nor is it high on the list of dieses to find a cure for, so it may be many years before an actual cure is found. Until then avoiding stress and trigger foods and keeping our immunities strong we may find that living with herpes is a tiny bit easier.

It is a thought that if you keep your immune system in good working order that you may not have as many sores, but again it is just helping fight the symptoms and not targeting the real problem of the virus.

Which Cold Sore Home Remedy Works Best?

Among the most effective herpes home remedies is the The Ultimate Herpes Protocol system, which has been developed by a fellow herpes sufferer. This program does more than just help you to deal with the symptoms, but it also addresses the underlying problems that are causing herpes outbreaks.

Can This Herpes Treatment Really Help You?

This system has been very successful among those who have suffered from numerous herpes outbreaks and for whom no other product or program has worked. By taking a natural, holistic approach to defeating the virus and controlling symptoms, it is one herpes home remedy that should provide you with the solution that you have been looking for.