Finding The Best Fever Blister Treatments To Prevent Cold Sores

When fever blisters hit they can be very painful, these are not to be confused with canker sores because they are very different. Canker sores are believed not to be caused by any virus or bacteria. Fever blisters are not the same as cold sores which are known to be herpes virus simplex one.

Fever blisters are mostly outside of the mouth and very painful. The treatment is usually an anti-viral prescription to lessen the outbreak time and may prevent the virus from coming back as often. Some remedies that some try are applying ice to the area that the twinge or slight pain is in which an indication of an outbreak is approaching.

What Are Herpes On Lips?

lips-with-herpes-soreHerpes on the lips show themselves as tiny blisters on lips and sometimes on the face or chin. This is HVS-1 and not to be confused with genital herpes which is referred to as HVS-2. These can be very painful and can sometimes be treated with topical creams and ointments.

If these persist and are painful and occur frequently, an anti-viral can be prescribed by a physical to slow the outbreaks or at least shorten the duration of the blister. There are some over the counter treatments that will eliminate or lessen the pain of these blisters. Some will work better than others, however an anti-viral medication may work best for frequent outbreaks.

Why Do Fever Blisters Occur?

Fever blisters will occur when the body’s immune system is overtaxed and becomes weak. This can also happen when the lip and face are exposed to too much sun. Other cautions are to reduce stress and to stay healthy.

Are Fever Blisters Contagious?

Fever blisters are as contagious as genital herpes, in fact studies have shown that the herpes that appears on the lips can become genital herpes if the blister on the lip is touched and then the genitals are touched.

It is very important that special precautions be taken when a fever blister or cold sore is open and secreting fluid or is just an open sore. Hands should be washed frequently and hand towel be changed. Even more important at this stage is not infecting someone else.

While in an outbreak transmission of the virus can happen if the person with the outbreak kisses someone, shares cups or straws or uses the same utensils. Direct contact must never take place with an open sore to anyone or to touch yourself on your face, eyes or nose.

Can A Fever Blister Remedies Really Work?

There are many fever blister remedies on the market today, some are more expensive than others and some work well and other may not work at all. There really is no fever blister cure, it is life long and lives in your body. Facial cold sore viruses are said to reside in the cheekbone.

Many folk remedies can be found on how to treat fever blisters, some say that ice applied to the area when the first twinges start is a good thing to try. Other will turn to their doctor to find how to treat fever blisters.

What Options For Fever Blister Treatments Are There?

There are several options for treating fever blisters, some can find relief in topical ointments and creams that help with the pain and shorten the outbreak.

Unfortunately there are no fever blister cures yet, because it is closely related to the genital herpes it is known to be a virus that will last a lifetime.

Can A Fever Blister Medication Help You?

Beautiful girl looking in a hand mirror applying medication to cold soreSome fever blister medicine can help, whether it be an anti-viral prescription or a topical ointment or salve. The treatment can be as different as the person and some are known to help while others have little to offer in help.

Some have tried fever blisters home remedies and found good results, research is ongoing and a hope for a cure is possibly on the way. One thing that everyone agrees on is to fortify the immune system, and by doing this the outbreaks lessen and can possibly be cured.

Which Treatments Are Most Effective?

You probably already realize that no topical product is going to completely cure a fever blister and that the longer you take to apply any product, the more likely it will be that you will suffer from a more substantial blister. My Last Outbreak is a unique program that has been shown to help people who tend to get severe fever blisters.

Not only is this a completely natural system for curing outbreaks of herpes, but it is also one of the easiest and safest fever blister remedies around. Within a day, you should see a serious reduction in the severity of your fever blisters and be well on your way to preventing future ones.