What’s The Fastest Way To Cure A Cold Sore?

It happened again didn’t it? You were just going about your day minding your own business and you felt it. You felt that itchy tingling feelings on your lip. At first you weren’t sure if it was really happening, so you tried to put the thought out of your mind. But that tingling didn’t go away, did it?

Nope. It just kept getting worse. You tried to keep calm, but the thought of having people ask you what’s that on your lip all day long send you into panic mode. Before you knew it you are stressing out over this blister on your lip and maybe even cursing at yourself in the mirror.

Oh No Another Cold Sore!

fastest-way-to-cure-a-cold-soreNow you are in panic mode and you pull out your favorite topical herpes treatment and begin vigorously applying it to stop the herpes outbreak. All you can think about is how to heal herpes as fast as possible so you can get on with your day. But the information out there on how to prevent herpes is limited and often misleading.

It seems like everyone regurgitates the same natural remedies for herpes outbreaks. They all recommend the same commonly known cream for cold sores, ointment for cold sores, and OTC herpes treatment you’ve seen or heard before. The problem is you’ve practically tried them all at this point and very few if any of them have ever worked to actually get rid of cold sores overnight.

The idea of turning to prescription drugs and dealing with all the side effects is unappealing to say the least. You would rather find the solution for how to treat herpes naturally so you heal your cold sores and avoid the humiliation of having to face the world with another ugly sore on your lip.

How To Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

And so that brings you here, to this article about the fastest way to cure a cold sore. Fortunately for you, after reading the latest cold sore cure research from 2013, I’ve discovered some herbal remedies for cold sores that cure cold sores fast. One of these cures for fever blisters is food grade hydrogen peroxide. Herpes is a virus, and like all viruses, it cannot survive in an environment with elevated oxygen levels. Food grade hydrogen peroxide raises oxygen levels to a point where the herpes virus cannot survive.

Health Warning: Do NOT Ignore This Next Tip!

The problem is getting this substance near the virus in a safe way. You see, some people on the web recommend drinking this stuff, but don’t! It’s very dangerous to drink and even if you dilute it, it can still cause wearing of the stomach lining and digestive problems. Also, if you were to drink it (which you shouldn’t) it has to be on an empty stomach with NO vitamin C or juices consumed 3 hours before OR after.

Obviously this is too much of a hassle to do, since we live busy lives and cannot time the ingestion of this substance around our schedule. Again, you should NOT drink it, EVER. Ok, now that I’ve hammered that point home, what is the solution? How do you stop herpes outbreaks once they start and prevent herpes from ever occurring again?

These are the questions that I answer in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. (Yes, it’s a blatant pitch, you caught me!) It’s too long to discuss in this blog post, so that’s why I organized all the information into one easy to digest guide that walks you through how the virus works and how to exploit it’s weakness to eliminate herpes one and for all.