One Step Closer to a Herpes Cure With Colloidal Silver

Having an outbreak is never convenient.

No matter your plan for a given day, an outbreak might throw it all down the drain.

In the blink of an eye, herpes takes over your day. This is a routine familiar to millions of people around the world who suffer from herpes.

If you struggle to combat outbreaks, know that you’re not alone. You might feel out of options–you’re not. Don’t give up quite yet.

You should think about trying colloidal silver. It’s an old medicine that’s making a comeback in recent years following the stories of herpes patients using it to combat and prevent outbreaks.

That’s right: it can help you beat back those overwhelming outbreak. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Colloidal Silver?

As long as humans have healed, we’ve used silver.

It’s easy to see why. The health benefits of using the precious metal are many and obvious.

Using silver can help sanitize an infection. Its properties helped to purify food and liquid over the years.

Plus, silver in its many forms can help preserve substances without a refrigerator.

Records from thousands of years ago include descriptions of the use of silver. The Romans, among their many medical advancements, used silver in daily life.

Over the past centuries, the use of silver has dropped. What gives?

The medical boom of the nineteenth century created a demand for medicines that would prevent diseases and kill germs.

While silver could do this, it was too difficult to transport without losing important properties. Doctors turned to other bactericides that were easier to manage and sell.

Eventually, they came up with pesticide.

As technology has advanced, we’ve achieved the ability to store silver as needed: enter colloidal silver.

Adequate methods of preservation didn’t exist in the old days. Now, scientists have harnessed silver as a medicine to combat herpes, among other viruses.

The treatment can come in liquid or lotion form. Add it to the top of a list of easy and effective cold sore remedies.

How Does It Work against Herpes?

While we can tip our hats to the Romans for figuring out silver, we definitely have a better grasp on how it works than they did.

The science behind the metal is clear and based on centuries of scientific research.

In the 1880’s, the German scientist Carl Siegmund Franz Credé isolated silver nitrates in a liquid. He used this solution as eye drops for infants, which helped prevent the outbreak of disease.

He was onto something.

The properties of silver make it a potential bactericide, a substance that kills bacteria that cause infections.

Colloidal silver can attack nasty bacteria associated with herpes, preventing chemical reactions that cause the annoying and unsightly sores that cause trouble for people with herpes.

Another way of thinking about the silver at work is that it suffocates the reproduction of cells in viruses. That’s why it’s so effective acting against viral illnesses.

But, it’s particularly powerful stuff for someone with herpes.

Sounds dangerous. How do I take it safely?

In recent decades, scientists have discovered how to collect the silver in safe ways.

The most common way of consuming colloidal silver is swallowing a teaspoon of the stuff, once a day.

It’s a common and safe practice.

Still, before you take any, it’s very important to know that and other facts about the substance.

Learn Some Before Using Some

Despite the positive evidence of the use of colloidal silver, you should still know as much as possible before using.

Colloidal silver has been proven effective through anecdotes of people suffering through outbreaks.

Still, every case of herpes is different for every person, so you should consult somebody with knowledge of herpes before you start chugging.

Plus, it doesn’t yet have the endorsement of the full scientific community. Just check out this release from the National Institute of Health.

Still, there are sources of colloidal silver out there that can give you the right stuff. Many educated people are aware of its benefits, and how it can be given in safe and effective dosage.

Still, you need to be sure you’re taking the right stuff before you take anything. Consult a knowledgeable source before you start taking the medicine.

Keep an Eye on the Fake Stuff

There are plenty of reasons to use colloidal silver. That means demand is growing.

Unfortunately, the number of tricksters out there looking to make a quick buck is also growing.

It’s important to get your silver through a trusted source that you know won’t give you a tainted product or bad information on how to take it.

The results can be, let’s say, colorful.


In 2008, a man appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show. He seemed perfectly normal and nice. The only thing about him that was slightly different was his skin.

It was blue. And it had turned blue, allegedly, after he consumed silver.

The culprit was Argyria, a disease that changes the skin color irreversibly. The man had taken a bad batch of silver, given to him irresponsibly, and taken in an unsafe way.

His story is a good wake-up call to anyone considering taking colloidal silver, but it shouldn’t scare you away.

You can be informed about the substance and reap its benefits, entirely safely.

Consider the Silver

Over half of the world’s population has herpes. That means billions of people planning to prevent outbreaks or calm them, just like you.

The use of silver is starting to catch on in this large group of people. Wouldn’t it be great to be ahead of the curve?

Using this silver might change your relationship with outbreaks, which will change your daily life. That means you can go about your life without thinking about an outbreak.

For more information on herpes, including controlling outbreaks, continue reading here. Preventing outbreaks is a choice you can make. You got this.