Are Cold Sores Contagious?

According to research it is very possible to transmit a cold sore when it is active. You can possibly infect anyone you may come into contact with. Herpes 1 & 2 will be is said to be contagious when the sore is open or weeping, some even say that the virus is active and can be transmitted when you are not in an active outbreak.

The experts say to avoid close contact when fighting any type of outbreak. Your doctor may also tell you that there is no cure and that you will have to take preventive medication for the rest of your life.


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cold-sores-stagesWhy Do You Get Cold Sores?

Some experts in the field say the reason why you experience an outbreak is that your immune system is becoming compromised. This can be due to stress, not getting sufficient sleep, fighting off a cold or due to the change of seasons.

When an outbreak occurs it is just manifesting from where the virus lives. Research has found that the virus lives protected in the base of the spine, for the HSV-2, and at the top of the spine for the HSV-1.

This is the same virus that causes chicken pox in children, or shingles in adults. Again it is pinned to a time when your body is at a low immune deficiency level.

Then too, some experts who have studied the reasons for an outbreak say that it will lives in the body all the time and is encased protectively in fat around these areas at the base of the spine.

Are Cold Sores Contagious?

Many cold sore sufferers dread a cold sore on tongue, it is not as prominent as a cold sore on the lip but very painful, especially if it hurts to eat or drink.

When the sore surfaces inside the mouth there is really little that will stop it from going its full cycle. Prescriptions only work to prevent outbreaks and may do little for a sore that is already manifested.

Your doctor may prescribe a herpes drug such as Valtrex or Acyclovir. It will be taken every day and will not only help avoid the painful sore in the mouth but will stop any cold sores contagious. But is will do little to help the pain of a current outbreak.

What Is Facial Herpes?

The embarrassment of facial herpes is one of the top stressors for anyone. One undesirable place on the face are cold sores on chin, this is also a place that brings embarrassment like getting one on the lip.

Certainly a cold sores on tongue, is much less obvious than on the face, but never the less it is still painful and slightly harder to treat with a topical ointment or cream. If these seem to be a regular place where you have the outbreak, some help can be found a daily prescription.

Can Over The Counter Treatments Work?

People will say that some over the counter treatments do work for cold sore lip, however, the same people will admit that it is only temporary. Some of the topical ointments and creams that are applied regularly have helped with the pain or helped even with the duration of the sore.

Over the counter treatments are found to work most of the time, and with little to no side effects. Although, over the counter treatments do work they do not provide preventative treatment and will not work for the long duration. They are only a temporary fix for a much deeper problem.

What Can You Do About Cold Sores On Your Face?

Many will tell you that the embarrassment of having a cold sore scab on the face will cause you to seek whatever treatment is out there, whether it be prescription or over the counter.

Those that have to deal with cold sores will try anything to have cold sore removal. Some folks will try any of the prescriptions even though these come with side effects and will do nothing to heal the body and ultimately cure the herpes itself.

What Cold Sores Treatment Works Best?

Rather than considering yet another topical product to dry up or hide your cold sores, you should think about trying a more holistic approach. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a different way of treating herpes and the many symptoms that people suffer from, and is a program that has been shown to be incredibly useful when it comes to preventing future outbreaks, too.

Is This The Best Way For You To Get Rid Of Cold Sores?

It is important for you to remain as healthy as possible in order to eliminate the chances of cold sores, and The Ultimate Herpes Protocol will show you just what you need to do. Just a few changes that are presented in this program can help you to get rid of these symptoms for good.