Can You Get Rid Of Herpes?

When first diagnosed with Herpes, HSV-1 or HSV-2, your doctor will tell you that there is nothing to be done and there is no cure. The usual procedure is to begin prescriptions of antiviral drugs to keep it in check.

These prescribed drugs may help to lessen the number of outbreaks, but they do not afford a guarantee that the cold sores will not manifest in an outbreak. While taking one or more of these drugs to get rid of cold sore many people will experience side effects. These side effects can be anything from headaches to whole body rashes.

Is Herpes Contagious?

Herpes are contagious and can be transferred by kissingAccording to research using prescription drugs, in the hopes of getting rid of cold sores and lessening the outbreak time, still does not cure the Herpes virus. Your doctor may tell you that while on these medications you may have less outbreaks, you may still be contagious.

To transfer the virus it only takes sharing of some bodily fluids, such as a kiss during an outbreak occurrence. This has also been found to be the same way to contract Genital Herpes or HSV-2.

It is still unclear to science if a contagion can manifest from the carrier to the other person in the first contact or on the fiftieth contact. The problem still remains that once you have herpes, you have it for life, or at least that is what your doctor will tell you.

Does Herpes Cream Work?

Many people will find themselves scanning the drugstore shelves to purchase something that will help to get rid of cold sores or at least shorten the time of the embarrassing sore. They may try several creams or ointments to find relief, and some very well may give temporary relief to an outbreak, but it is just that, a temporary solution.

Since everyone is different and medicines may work well for one person and not the other, it is difficult to guarantee any relief or shortened outbreak to everyone. Some creams may work well if you get it applied in time, and before the outbreak has lasted too long.

The many remedies that are being sold today may help solve the symptoms, however, no over the counter herpes cream can promise complete cure, it can only help with the breakout pain and soreness.

Can A Prescription Medication Help You?

genital-herpes-medicationsAccording to doctors, a prescription medication is the only hope that can give somewhat constant relief and lessen the outbreaks. But these prescriptions do not come without side effects, some have reported whole body rashes and skin bruising easily. Some have also been found to give headaches and nausea.

Once on the prescription drug, many have found some relief from outbreaks. But many find that certain things can still cause an outbreak, these may be certain types of foods, stress, time of year or a compromised immune system.

Can You Get Rid Of Cold Sores Overnight?

There is really nothing out on the market or by prescription that will get rid of fever blisters overnight. Once the outbreak is in full swing, the only thing to do is to ride it out until it runs its course.

Some say that a herpes ointment may give some relief, however, this is a quick fix and does not promise stopping further outbreaks. Some folk remedies mention that applying ice at the first tingle on your lip may stop an outbreak. Some also mention herbs or vitamins to help strengthen your body’s immune system, all may be a possible remedy.

But none of these remedies will provide an overnight cure, once the outbreak happens the only thing you can do is ride it out or find something that works for you to temporarily relieve the pain and swelling.

As your doctor will tell you, there is no cure for any kind of herpes that he may diagnose you with. Then too your doctor may not know much about herpes and hand you information to read or direct you to some online information. He may also recommend chat or meeting groups for herpes HSV-2, if that is the diagnosis, to further your understanding of the malady.

What Is The Best Herpes Treatment?

For many people who suffer from significant herpes symptoms, My Last Outbreak has been exceedingly helpful. This program helps to eliminate existing symptoms while also weakening the power of the herpes virus so that future symptoms will occur less often, or never at all.

Can You Get Rid Of Herpes?

By using some of the natural and holistic methods in My Last Outbreak, you may be able to get rid of herpes on a more permanent basis and without any of the unwanted and sometimes very dangerous side effects of traditional herpes medications. This natural treatment is one that should certainly be considered before your next outbreak.