Can A Herpes Medication Help You?

With herpes becoming more talked about then it was before, you may be starting to see commercials on certain medications for herpes breakouts. These medications may include an antiviral which is by prescription only. These have been developed to help stop the virus from becoming stronger and causing more sores.

Then there are the over the counter ointments, gels and creams that all claim that their product will eliminate the herpes cold sore and lessen the length of time needed to heal the sore. Some of these do work well, they are applied to the site of the sore topically, and should help rid the pain and reduce the length of the duration.

What Herpes Medication Options Are There?

herpes-medicationsThe list of herpes medication option is not very long yet. There are the antiviral meds prescribed by your doctor, these include Acyclovir and Valtrex and a few others. These are taken daily and are said to keep the virus suppressed, yes suppressed, not eliminated or to kill the virus, just to suppress it.

If taken for a long period it may lose it effectiveness in your body and you may have to switch to yet another antiviral medication. However, these medications do have their drawbacks in the form of unwanted side effects. These can be anything from itching and headaches to a full body rash and other such side effects. At this point you may wonder if the expensive medicine and the side effects are worth taking.

Can A Medication For Herpes Be Beneficial?

Using a medication for herpes may be beneficial because it claims to help with the number of outbreaks. However, these types of medicines do not claim to cure herpes, just keep the sores from coming to the surface.

Also, weighing the unwanted side effects by taking one of these prescriptions to stop the breakouts, some would rather take the breakouts. The unwanted side effects such as rashes, bruising, headaches and many other side effects, may appear differently with each person.

Should You Try Herpes Medications Over The Counter?

With the terrible word herpes become more mainstream, the media has had the herpes commercials and encouraged you to talk to your doctor. Other commercials will talk about herpes medication, the topical pain reliever and breakout period shorting.

The other kinds of herpes medications are really not worth wasting your money on. There are a few medications for herpes out there that really do help with the pain and swelling. They will be labeled for medicine for fever blisters or cold sores.

Are All Herpes Drugs Safe?

Just as with any drugs not all of them are safe, you usually have to decide if the side effects are worth the risk to help with the herpes outbreaks. The side effects with any medication can fill up a whole list of warnings, you receive them each time you fill your prescription.

Again the determination of drug side effects verses the help you will get from taking them has to be weighed. Some herpes sufferers are starting to pull away from the expensive side effect causing drugs to look for more natural answers.

Will There Be A Vaccine For Herpes?

The latest vaccine that has come across the market is the shot for shingles, this apparently will keep people from getting shingles, also a herpes virus, and making it less painful and shorting the time that the shingles patient has the virus.

However, no one has heard of a vaccine for herpes, and none of us know when this might be developed or used for herpes of any strain. Again this vaccine may come with warnings and lists of side effects.

Then again the ultimate choice is up to you, is the cure worse than the plight as some say. While managing your symptoms and keeping a healthy diet and reducing the stressors in life you may be able to come up with a good balance.

The best news would be how we are able to make our bodies healthy enough to kill the virus on its own and know that what you are taking is aiding you in getting better instead and killing the virus instead of sacrificing your health.

What Other Options Are There?

Of course it is important to try and protect your cold sores from spreading, but it is even more important to try and prevent their occurrence in the first place. Dynamiclear has been shown to be a very powerful natural treatment that can kill herpes outbreaks and prevent them from recurring. In other words, this actually delivers on the promises that some of the most expensive prescription medications make.

Can This Herpes Treatment Help You?

Whether you are dealing with your first herpes outbreak of you have been taking herpes medication for quite some time, the My Last Outbreak program is one that can really make a difference in your health as well as your confidence.