Abreva: Should You Try It?

Abreva is a popular cold sore treatment that is sold over the counter. It has become very popular and is usually quite effective, and is sold at a very high price for an over the counter remedy. It is advertised to stop a cold sore before they begin, or shorten the outbreak time.

This is a fairly accurate statement with the caveat that you put it on immediately, when you feel the first signs coming on. The sooner you apply it the better chance of having a milder outbreak. Just the idea of not having a major breakout may lead a person to try anything.

What Is Abreva Cold Sore Treatment?

Abreva cold sore treatment is just that, a treatment and not a cure. But it is a good source to turn to when you do not want the embarrassment of a huge and awkward cold sore on your face.

No one can say or know exactly when an outbreak will occur, some say that they have been stressed lately or that their immune system has been compromise some way. Some may even suggest putting ice on the spot to stop it from surfacing.

But sadly, and for some reason, we all feel that we must explain a cold sore away when it is so obviously prominent on our faces.

Does Abreva Cold Sore Medication Work For Everyone?

Abreva ReviewAt the first sign of a cold sore, Abreva will be the first thing your friends will tell you to use. Knowing the embarrassment that these will cause someone, you wish that these over the counter treatments would be able to do more than just a temporary fix.

When using one of the many cold sore remedies Abreva will be one of the most familiar and will be one of the most recognized names from the many advertisements. It is also possibly what makes the cost so prohibitive for regular use.

Of course we all know that these topical solutions are only temporary, and work best when taken immediately on the first signs of a breakout. Which can be difficult if you do not carry around a treatment all the time. No one is the same and everyone may have a slightly different reaction to the medication.

How Does Abreva Work?

One of the best known treatment for cold sores will be under a doctor’s prescription. The brand names such as Acyclovir or Valtrex or a few other generic brands are the most commonly prescribed.

However, Abreva for cold sores is a topical ointment that may cause the sore to heal faster. Topical ointments and prescribed medications are only masking the problem. Cold sore sufferers know that this is only a Bandaid of sorts for the real problem.

Can Another Cream For Cold Sores Work?

The markets are full of cream for herpes, everywhere you look from the grocery store to the pharmacy you will find some product that promises to help heal the sore faster and with less pain.

Many folks find that these over the counter cold sore treatments come either in a cream or an ointment for cold sores. With so many different choices it can be confusing and overwhelming to find the product that is right for you.

How Else Can You Find Cold Sore Relief?

Abreva-BannerMany brands will carry a cold sore cream and a cold sore ointment, it may be hard to determine which will work best. Some people will develop a rash by using ointment of any kind, and the creams generally will be the better choice for most.

Everyone is different and will respond to treatments differently. So many people wonder what to try and how it works, or better how to find something that will not just be a temporary fix.

Dreading your next outbreak, and the embarrassing situations that is may cause, can be very stressful and will be setting you up for yet another outbreak.

There are also prescriptions available through your doctor. These will help if you take them on a regular schedule, but some people will develop side effects like, bruising and rashes.

What Is The Best Cold Sore Treatment Right Now?

It is obvious that in order to live a life with herpes, you will need to do more than treat cold sores once they appear. My Last Outbreak is more of a preventative program that can also help you to get rid of cold sores quicker than by using Abreva alone. Instead of just treating the sores, it shows you ways that you can improve your health so that your body is naturally better able to fight off the herpes virus.

Is This Program Better Than Ointment For Cold Sores?

There will always be a place for ointment and topical products once a cold sore has appeared, but with the addition of some of the methods found in the My Last Outbreak program, you may never have to buy this ointments again.

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