The story about My Last Outbreak begins years ago when I was in high school.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It all started when I felt an uncomfortable tingling on my lip and cheek. Now, this had happened to me before. You see, I had been getting frequent cold sores since I was 10 years old, as far back as I can remember.

The Outbreak From Hell

But this outbreak was different. Calling it the outbreak from hell wasn’t an exaggeration. I remember rolling out of bed that morning, feeling the tingling on my lip, and feeling a heavy sense of dread that I would have to go to school that day and face dozens of awkward stares and humiliating questions like, “Ewww what happened to your face?!”

I knew the day wasn’t going to be pleasant. I thought about skipping school that day but I couldn’t. Why? Because I had to give a presentation in health class about a STD. Can you guess what STD I was assigned? Yup, it was herpes.

The Most Dreadful 30 Minutes of My Life

With a raging outbreak swelling my lips up like a baloon and making me look like a monster from the abyss, I had to stand in front of my health class and “present” to them my research and findings on how bad herpes is and why you should do everything you can do avoid it, etc.

To sum it up in one word, it was humiliating. Never before in my life have I felt so much shame all at once. I barely had the courage to stand up there and give the presentation because I knew no one was even listening to me, they were just staring at my disgusting herpes outbreak.

I Wished I Could Just Disappear…

Not once throughout the presentation did I mention anything about my outbreak, because it was so obvious I didn’t have to. I just tried to stay focused on my notes, and work my way through each of the different facts as quickly as I could. The room was silent the whole time. I felt like they could sense my nervousness.

Finally I finished the presentation and sat down. The teacher didn’t even bother grilling me about any more details on my topic, because he knew it would only make me feel worse. But after my presentation, I walked back to my desk and no one said a word. So I just put my head down for the rest of class and sobbed to myself.

My Mission Was To Kill Herpes Or Die Trying

From that day forward, I decided I would do whatever it took to figure out how the herpes virus worked, and how to eliminate herpes outbreaks completely. I didn’t care one bit that doctors said it was incurable. Heck, they thought Polio wasn’t curable and now look! Anyways, I tried everything on the market. All the popular pharmaceutical drugs and ointments. All the over the counter creams and oils. And all the supplement recommendations I could find.

And what happened? Well, my outbreaks kept coming back. From freshman year of high school to junior year, I had an outbreak about once every two weeks. Needless to say, it ruined my social life. One week I would be mister social, smiling at people in the hallways, starting conversations, and having fun. But then when an outbreak would strike, I would disappear. I would hide in the bathrooms, desperately applying creams to my outbreak, wishing and and praying it would go away. But it never did. It only got worse.

The Pain And Loneliness of Having Herpes

I used to beat myself up in the mirror, calling myself names and telling myself how no one would ever like me or accept me because I had herpes. I wish I could go back and hug that part of me but I can’t. I never knew any better at the time. I didn’t know that the best friend I could ever have was myself. So the torment continued.

Eventually, I started to figure out the herpes cannot be cured by applying creams and ointments to the surface. This approach only fights the symptoms of the problem, and not the root source. Once I discovered that, I began experiencing less and less outbreaks. When I did have an outbreak, it was small enough that people wouldn’t notice it unless they really looked close.

Finally… Some Hope For A Herpes Cure

While that wasn’t exactly the outcome I was looking for, at least it was a start. I’ll tell you, it was a heck of a lot better than having a raging herpes outbreak all over my face! Anyways, over the years the outbreaks became less and less severe. I kept trying new treatments and treating it like a game. I called the game “How fast can I kill herpes?” And the better I got at this game, the more fun it became!

It sounds silly to actually have fun figuring out how to cure herpes, but it’s the truth. After so many years of pain and loneliness I was glad that something I was doing was actually working! I mean, I was more confident, felt more at peace with myself, and knew that even if I did get an outbreak, it would be gone in a day or two. But still, I wanted more. I wanted the holy grail. I wanted absolute certainty that I would never have an outbreak ever again for the rest of my life. And I wasn’t going to stop until I found it.

The One Choice That Changed Everything

Real progress began to occur once I started taking my health seriously. And I’m not talking about just eating a banana or apple every now and then, I mean really looking at health and figuring out how to keep my immune system in top condition and my energy levels sky high. Just this one change allowed me to go from having a herpes outbreaks for 2-4 days, to healing outbreaks in 1-2 days. This got me really excited. I felt like I was on the verge of something big and had to dive in to kill this virus once and for all. And that’s exactly what I did.

Fast forward to today, and now I am outbreak free. Literally, I never have outbreaks any more because I have killed the virus at its source. It took time, patience, and lots of trial and error, but I’ve finally figured out why it worked and how others can use this same herpes treatment too. I named it My Last Outbreak because when you use it on an active outbreak, it will be the last outbreak you ever have.

Sharing My Knowledge And Experience With The World

When I first discovered this, I thought it was a fluke. I thought that maybe I just got lucky or the virus was weak or something. But I remember getting an outbreak one day, and applying the 2-step treatment process I revealed in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol (Protocolo Devinitivo Herpe) and the tingling disappeared and the slight bump (if you could even call it that) would disappear and no blister would form at all. From the time I felt a slight tingling to the time the outbreak area looked completely normal like nothing happened was less than 24 hours.

So rather than hoard this for myself, I decided why not put all of this information a system that anyone with herpes can use to get the same results? And that’s exactly what I did. Honestly, the book is written very well, and probably contains grammar errors because I am not a professional writer. But I felt that wasn’t important, because it’s the results that people get that actually matter. So when I was writing, that was what I focused on.

What Is My Last Outbreak?

It’s a short, to the point guide for stopping an outbreak in 30-60 minutes as long as you catch it at the slightest tingling sensation. Then it shows you how to attack the herpes virus inside your body and kill it once and for all. I want to make very clear that this is not an overnight fix. I wish it was, but this will require dedication. However, I can tell you that following this system will be the most rewarding thing you ever do in your life. Because you are literally giving yourself a second chance at life. And you are worth it.